Field Notes 1: Lissyvigeen Stone Circle

Up at the crack of dawn to drive down to the Beara Peninsula for a day of photographing Stone Circles… A beautiful bright morning, I couldn’t have asked for a better day for visiting the ‘sun circles’ of Cork & Kerry. First stop was to see the Circle of the Seven Sisters or Lissyvigeen Stone Circle just outside Killarney. I wasn’t sure if I would get to see this monument as public access is restricted but I’m glad I made the stop. This is a really cool little 7 stone circle surrounded by a 1m high henge with entrances on the northeast and south-west. There are trees growing all around the henge but a large pair of standing stones mark the south-east entrance. Unfortunately, this rare (in Ireland anyway) example of an embarked stone circle is getting a bit overgrown these days and the trees are creeping inside the henge and ferns are growing close to (but not into) the circle itself. However, the morning sun breaking through the trees gave this often gloomy glade and the seven sisters a definite air of enchantment… A perfect way to start a day visiting stone circles.