Field Notes 3: Uragh Stone Circle

Cup of tea finished and back on the road again, down into the peninsula and my main reason for making this trip, Uragh. This superb 5 Stone Circle with the usual southwest axial stone and a massive 3m high standing stone right beside it, is situated in a wide valley on the side of a small hillock between the lakes of Clooneen and Inchiquin, near the Gleninchaquin Park. The valley is surrounded by mountains on nearly all sides with waterfalls cascading from them into the lake on the opposite side to the monument. This is without doubt one of the most visually stunning megalithic monuments in the country and there is a deep almost primal feel to this piece of Ur-Sculpture. The fact that the landscape that surrounds the monument is devoid of any signs of modernity, means we can still see it as the ancients saw it over 3000 years ago. I had the place pretty much to myself that day except for a few guys jamming some traditional music up on the hill beside the circle, which was fittingly surreal. Please visit Uragh before they manicure the scenery, put in a visitors centre and start charging you all a tenner to see it. At the moment there is a €2 donation asked to see this truly amazing monument, lets hope it stays that way.

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