Field Notes 5: Cashelkeelty Stone Circle

I thought I was getting lost on the way to this one ! There is a signpost and a stile on the side of the road leading into a forest with a footworn track through it, but that soon disappears! So I just kept going up until I eventually came out of the forest and turned right onto an wide stoney path which I followed (hoping I had taken the right turn) as it began to wind up the hill. Luckily an old farmer came ‘bouncing’ down it on a quad bike, who stopped and told me that the stones were just ‘just up the way a bit’. What kind of measurement is a ‘bit’ because it seemed like a lot to me ! Anyway, the remains of this 5 Stone Circle stand on the summit (‘just up the way a bit’) of a hill on an ancient roadway from Ardgroom to Lauragh known as the Old Green Road which is now part of the Beara Way walking route. Right beside the circle stands a row of three aligned standing stones, with the largest of them 2.5 metres tall and less than 1m away from the circle, giving the impression that both these monuments are one. About 80 metres further up the track are the remains of another stone circle, though sadly it has only 3 stones left making it look like another stone alignment. There is a similar primal feeling to this place as there is to the Uragh Stone Circle (see earlier post). The craggy rock strewn mountain setting gives off a definite pagan vibe but the line of electrical poles/pylons and a pine plantation close by let the site down a little. However, the arrangement of 2 types of stone circles and a stone row found in such close proximity to each other, in such a remote and rugged landscape, make Cashelkeelty a really cool place to visit. . . Now, how do I get back to the car ?