Our Ancient Monuments

One of the prime aims of Monumental Ireland is to stimulate interest in the monuments themselves, which in turn will hopefully promote appreciation of their significance in the landscape and therefore help to ensure their survival for many generations to come.

In Ireland, we have some of the best and most numerous examples of megalithic monuments anywhere in Europe. From Dolmens to Passage Tombs, there are thousands of these monuments spread across every county in Ireland.  Some are older than the Pyramids – built by Ireland’s first people, a thousand years before Stonehenge. Some – like those in the extraordinary Brú na Bóinne valley – are organised heritage sites. Others are in the middle of working farms or simply in a field at a bend in the road.

The Monumental application gives you all the information you need about these ancient wonders. Detailed descriptions, the history and the folklore along with high-quality images and fully functional location maps. Everything you need to discover Ireland’s ancient past for yourself.

Grange Lios Stone Circle. Lough Gur, Co. Limerick.