The Monumental Ireland Application

The Monumental App will give the user access to information on all the ancient monuments in the country. The location, site description and the history and folklore of each monument, including high-quality images & sitemaps. The Monumental application will not only tell the user about monuments across Ireland but also provides locational & accessibility information, facilitating the user in visiting these monuments. At the moment there is no single outlet for information on these monuments, archaeological, historical, folklore and visitor information is all separate. The Monumental application draws on the official Sites & Monuments Record (SMR) from the National Monument Service along with other relevant information sources such as the National Folklore Collection and centralises all this information allowing easy and intuitive access to anyone with an interest in the early history of Ireland.

From ancient art to state of the art.

  • Monumental Ireland is the only application that details the ancient monuments of Ireland.
  • Rich media images and location maps along with researched content to engage with the user.
  • Base information on all monuments sourced from the National Monument Services, Sites & Monuments Record (SMR).
  • Simple search functionality with the ability to filter by county, monument type & proximity.
  • Google Maps functionality for monument location and directions to facilitate site visits.
  • The ability to locate monuments offline using the Monument Locator.
  • A mythological guide that maps the ancient texts to the monuments.

An app for all ages.

This ‘megalithic edition’ of the Monumental Ireland application is the first in a series of apps that will detail the built heritage of Ireland throughout all its historical eras.